Sunday, September 29, 2019

I AM LEGEND coming from Suntup Editions

Suntup Editions, a high-end specialty press known for their finely crafted limited editions, have announced three versions of Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND that they will be publishing in 2020.

A deluxe leather bound lettered edition of 26 copies retailing for $3500 (and already sold out - I believe to existing subscribers) features a handcrafted wooden stake on the cover, laser engraved with title. The book is printed letterpress and signed by artist Allen Williams who provides six black and white illustrations.

A numbered edition of 250 copies retailing for $695 is also printed letterpress and signed by artist Allen Williams.

An offset-printed artist gift edition in dust jacket (limited to 1000 copies) retailing for $75 is also signed by artist Allen Williams.

Ordering information is at the links provided. We look forward to adding two of these three editions to the archive next year.

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