Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Official I Am Legend eBook

I Am Legend is officially available as an eBook from Rosetta Books (along with several other Matheson titles, including a new collection with an unpublished short story, "Backteria" and a collection of Matheson's song lyrics titled (appropriately enough) "Lyrics"), so I had to buy a copy to 'officially' have it in the I Am Legend Archive.

Get it for your iOS device, or through Amazon for your Kindle.


BLOOD BATH said...

I'd like to buy this for kindle but as usual with kindle books it has no real information on what version it is, no page length or whether or not its a tie in. I'm hoping to get another original and would love to know not only which version it is but what the main difference is.

John Scoleri said...

Hey Blood Bath -

I can confirm it's the original novel. There's actually never been a tie-in that wasn't just a repackaging of Matheon's original novel. Both the Omega Man cover from Berkeley Medallion and the Will Smith cover are the real deal.

One thing to note - the Kindle version does not contain the additional stories in the current TOR paperback editions.

BLOOD BATH said...

Thanks for the help, definitely going to buy it now.

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