Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year - New Books!

I Am Legend aficionados are well aware of the publications from Gauntlet Press (including the 40th Anniversary limited edition of I Am Legend, Bloodlines, and Visions Deferred).

Gauntlet has announced their publication slate for 2012, which includes a new autobiographical novel (Generations) and a new edition of Matheson's I Am Legend screenplay, titled Richard Matheson's Censored and Unproduced I Am Legend Screenplay, to be released this summer.

I confirmed with publisher Barry Hoffman that the book will include material previously published in Bloodlines and Visions Deferred. As soon as the cover art is available I will post it here.

Night of the Living Dead: Born of I Am Legend

By John Scoleri   As early as 1974, in his preface to John Russo’s novelization, George A. Romero acknowledged...